Hello, Dolly!

In the early morning dark, when you shouldn’t really be awake,  I reach over and feel Dave’s temporarily-bald head.

“You feel like GI Joe,” I tell him, referring to those really great GI Joe dolls of the 1960s that looked like Rock Hudson and had this short, fuzzy hair.  Dave has 2 days’ growth.

“You can be my Barbie,” he replies, referencing the fact that when I played Barbies with my friends as a young girl, I let the others have Ken and opted to use my bothers’ GI Joe as my particular love interest.

In totally unrelated news: And, by the way, I got to see the colorful, bright and delightful Carol Channing star in “Hello, Dolly” in the 90’s.  It was soooooo cool!


Dave with hair, in the kitchen; Dave without hair for his performance in Annie, onstage.

NOTE:  He is rumored to have been advised to start growing his hair long, really long – which he is able to do easily,  for a possible starring-pirate kind of role next year.  People, I implore you!  Did Carol Channing ever have to change her hair this much?

3 thoughts on “Hello, Dolly!

  1. Yes, and what type of Barbie would you be????

    Let me see… through the years…

    You were 1980’s Barbie with big “Working Girl-Melanie Griffith hair” I looked like a G.I Joe from the Wedding Singer. You have been My Favorite Mommy Barbie to a miriade of people that are not even related by blood but related by spirit, Nurse Barbie to all the kids, Dr. Barbie to me when I’m sick and being a baby, Runway Barbie in some of those 80’s outfits (dare I say, I loved the look of the 80’s!) Teacher Barbie, Superstar Barbie (my Superstar) in the summers you are Malibu Barbie, Workout Barbie in headband and legwarmers (also the 80’s), Shopping Barbie, Daycare Barbie, Executive Barbie and even at times Veterinarian Barbie. If there were one, you would even be Pastor Barbie…
    Hey ???
    I might be onto something…
    Sort of mirror’s the Proverbs 31 Barbie…

    And need I say it, you are Sheer Delight Barbie.

    Now you are Heavenfest Barbie and to me always, Red Hot Barbie!

    And I can always take care of that Wus, pretty boy, Ken!

    G.I Dave

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