HEAVEN FEST 2010 at Longmont, Colorado!



Longmont is a beautiful city with an amazing view of the Rocky Mountains.  We have been in a most incredible location and it has been “home” (on the Northern Hills Church property www.northernhills.cc).  What a blessing that has been.  The drawback has been the 2-lane highway which makes for crazy long car lanes in every direction.  Traffic flowed very smoothly…just very slowly this past year when we had 22,800 people there all at once!


This new property is a beautiful park and reservoir with lots of farmland, which is going to allow for “raw” camping.  It is just west of I-25  on the north side of the 4-lane highway 119.  70+ bands on 7 stages, interactive worship, a Petra reunion…come on.  Start making plans!  WE GOT OUR PERMIT TODAY!

A partial look at what you’ll see.

Remember 2008 – our first year?  We did this the day we got our Adams County Permit LESS THAN A MONTH out from the festival!

We’re still together.  Still going strong and doing the happy dance.  Still love each other!  The GREATEST miracle of all!

8 thoughts on “HEAVEN FEST 2010 at Longmont, Colorado!

  1. Yes, we are relieved and overjoyed. Thank you Longmont, Colorado! You won’t be sorry!!! Ps. Who is that girl with that beautiful huge smile and whitest teeth ever?!

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