Dear Jovan~

Dear Jovanie (and Rocky, too, I guess),

Baby Rhoades is due anytime.  And I know you are ready-ready-ready, but I am hoping you will wait until after your due date (the 20th)…just a smidge, mind you,  and stop taking all these walks and eating all these things your friends are suggesting to get your labor going.  I think when you understand my schedule, you will agree that waiting until March 21st or after will be best.

  • Tonight, fundraising dinner at The Stonebrook.
  • Tomorrow night, fundraising dinner at The Stonebrook.
  • Sunday-a day of rest.  I will need one, don’t you agree?
  • Monday-plan for next week’s dinners and some meetings.
  • Tuesday night speak at a mommy’s group at New Hope
  • Wednesday night:  Family Dinner for Wrex’s Wrunza’s on St Pat’s Day
  • Thursday night-taking some grandbebes to Annie for the last chance I will have to see it.  (Dad will be performing in Annie through Saturday)
  • Friday night another big ministry event
  • Saturday night, yet another “Heaven Fest is coming!!” fancy-schmancy event-party-thing.


So, you see, Jovan?  Sunday the 21st is really the best option.  Don’t you think so? 

Haha.  I didn’t think you would!  : )

REALLY~ I can’t wait!  Cannot wait!!  In the midst of everything  happening, there is NOTHING more important to me than the arrival of GRANDBEBE #6!!  



And remember:  I tried to help!

Forever 21 at Flatirons

We did a hardcore shopping marathon last Sunday: Jovan and Averi and me, Stormie, Stef and Tara and Dessa.  I don’t like shopping much and Dessa hates it, but the company was delightful.  And we thought if we walked Jovan all over for hours and hours, maybe labor would start.  Nope.  Huh-uh.  Nothing.  Didn’t happen.  Just wore her totally out.  But we tried and got some cute stuff in the process.  So-that is something!



Watching and waiting and can’t wait for, you, sweet granbebe #6!!!!

6 thoughts on “Dear Jovan~

  1. Come on baby #6!! I am really excited to meet little Addie and I told Rocky if you have her before Sunday, I will not be going to church either…I am family after all, they can do without me. ha!
    If I had the time at the moment, I would go on a nice long walk with you…but rest assured, when baby comes, I will drop everything! :) Love you and can’t wait to meet Averi’s little sister!

  2. Yes, Jovanie, we are all waiting for that new little one! I have all of my classes on alert that I could at any time have to bolt toward the door because grandbaby #6 is coming! We are all anxious and expentant, but not as expentant as you! :) Whenever she or as I understand it… possible even he? is ready to arrive, we will be waiting with open arms!

  3. Yes, I’m with Storm, I can’t wait for the little beauty to get here!;) We can’t wait to meet whomever Baby Rhoades #2 turns out to be. She’ll be wonderful and beautiful and I hope she gets here SOON so we can meet her and ooh and aah over her and cuddle her. Congrats, Rock & Jov! Love you!

  4. Ah thank you everyone for being as excited as we are to have this amazing little gift!! I am soooo glad to hear that it’s ok if I mess with all the plans and busy nights ahead by having a baby! At first when I started to read it I have to be honest I was a little disappointed! I thought, “Hey I am not working around anyone here, I just want to have this baby!” But then I realized that as much as it would be nice for everyone to have a free day after my due date, it was just a joke! So thank you for the encouragement and for whooing us on for having this baby! We truely can’t wait! And mom I’m pretty sure you will get your wish though and I will be going late! haha! At least that’s how it feels on my end! I love you all tons and I am Soooo excited for this baby to meet it’s amazing family! How blessed is this baby already to have Aunts, Uncles, and grandparents like you guys! Love you all lots and hope this baby comes soon! I love you mom! P.S that day off shopping was a blast, but it totally exhausted me! So worth it!

  5. Dear Jeanie,

    As Grandma to this beautiful babe we are waiting to meet, you totally have priority, however, I did ask Jovan to please accomodate Rob and I. Since we leave on March 20th I really wanted to meet this beautiful baby before we go to Bolivia. Now what? ;-)

    Hugs to you all who I love tons!
    Carol Ann

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