Heaven Fest Staff

Here we are.  We actually got together for a photo on a hot, sweaty festival day.  This was taken on the main stage at about 6:30 pm, between Skillet and Third Day.

They were re-setting the stage and Kori (Media Director) got us up there for a shot with the crowd in the background and suddenly, stage manager, Brian Paris (DP’s cousin) started telling us that the Third Day band manager wanted everybody off the stage.  Hilariously, DP and Luke and I all started to comply when Tredessa was like, “Get back up here.  We are getting a picture.”  And I had to laugh to myself, because, yeah-I wrote their check, you know?  Have mercy!

So Matthew Greenleaf, one of our awesome photographers, took a quick shot.


Then Luke “front lit” us via Photoshop and “magically flipped” his and Tre’s credentials.  This is a cropped version of Luke’s and I have got to say, I like how blue my eyes look, thank-you, Luke.


But I had asked to have 20 pounds and 10 years shaved off, and if it wasn’t too much trouble – the roots needed a touch-up.  C’mon, already!

BTW.  AA doesn’t mean “all authority”

Being “staff” and having the double-A credentials doesn’t mean too much.  It mainly means the-buck-stops-here and handle-all-complaints and how-are-you-going-to-fix-THIS-mess-??.  We are volunteers, too.   It was an honor to serve with almost 1000 other people to make Heaven Fest 2009 work.  The day we quit serving is the day we shouldn’t be “staffing” HF!  We are humbled to get to be a part.  No joke.  Humbled.

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