Robin’s Front Porch

OK, everybody, here is what I want you to do: go to and check out my beautiful sister-in-law, Robin’s, front porch on Rate My Space.

I think you can link directly HERE.¬† The descriptive tag-words used were things like shabby chic, distressed, and steel and it is titled, in the “porches” section of Rate My Space, “Super Sweet Space” by robinelise.

I am pretty sure when Joe and Robin sided their house earlier this year and decided to add this unique touch, they had planned to paint the trim  to a pristine white again, but after seeing the effect are re-thinking that position.

It’s really pretty when family is sitting on it! :)


My niece, Elise, and my brother, Joe

Go, rate!

4 thoughts on “Robin’s Front Porch

  1. The sad part is that I love the distressed look but I felt the pressure from others and so we started scraping and priming. So far, just the window on the porch is primed and the column is scraped. I have not made up my mind on the color of the porch. I kind of want to do the whole thing in either a pretty yellow or a nice brickish colored red. Then a whole big part of me doesn’t want to paint it at all. What do you think?

  2. I love it!!!! It looks so welcoming. Brick red would look pretty but its very pretty just they way it is.

  3. Let me go on record with the vast multitude to say, yes, yes, YES! This space is awesome and can be smmed up in just two words: hillbilly-metallica! Its edgy but friendly; warm and inviting, yet as if over ice. Can’t wait to see your fall arrangemet…and then winter…oooh the possibilities!

  4. It’s looking SO good… and I’m excited for some color to go with the flowers…I think that will look amazing-er than it already does! maybe it’s just me, but I’m totally a color freak!

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