Family Greetings

I bet you have never seen a Christmas card like this!

It is the Kelley family!  How cute is this?  You cannot buy this at the photo counter!  Stephanie and Tristan are unique in a million ways and they have blessed us with three of the most honoring and loving children who make grandparenting this amazing royal experience.  HAPPY ANNIVERSARY, Steph & Tris!  NINE years-you are an inspiration and a great success story!  Love your love, love your hearts, love your family.  So proud of my daughter and the family she is nurturing, the husband she chose, the example they have become!  What jolly-makers they are!

At the local shopping center~ shot Rocky & Jovan and the girls (we like to call them Rhoades-2). Rocky and Jovan are in a time of big transition right now, but can’t you tell what a bright future the Lord has in store for them? Can you see, just by looking, what an adventure each day is with those two little girls running (or crawling) around? They are like a great big present with a bow on top – the gift is the focus, but oh, isn’t the package a thing of beauty?!?

The girls~

 Tredessa is SUCH a good auntie, to Gavin and Guini and Hunter and Gemma, to Averi and Amelie and to Sawyer (pictured), too.   She came to stay with us for a few days for Christmas (even though she just lives across the metro area from us in Arvada (way west).  It was exciting: a holiday houseguest!  She attends to the details, and gifts {in the verb sense} like you wouldn’t believe!  Tre is a solid rock in our fam, a bridge of peace between us all.  What a joy-bringer!


Stormie is Little Miss Christmas.  Like her dad, she works hard to bring home the magic, to gift, to give, to serve.  She was still creating gifts on Christmas Eve, because she loves like that, because she loves to gift from her heart.  Stormie is a Giver {with a capital “G”, you will note} and is actually Holy Spirit anointed to be a giver.  She is a family girl, she is a gentle spirit and a good daughter.  What a merry-maker!

A new house!

Dave and Tara closed on their new house on December 23.  Right before Christmas!  New carpet is going in and they have so much going, but they came for Christmas day – the whole thing.  When I know they’d have loved being in their new home, just enjoying it, they hung out with us for Christmas, from early morning to late night; from opening the first presents to watching a movie after dark (“Christmas Vacation” projected on the big screen!).  What a couple of hall-deckers!  And the little Magoo, too!

Did you see Dave and Tara’s Christmas “card” when I posted it before?  So fun!  Well, just in case you missed it~

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