Ice Capades


Downtown Louisville, CO a few days before Christmas, our very own Family Ice Capades.


WINTER SKATE~A sunny warm day in the high 40s suddenly got icy as the sun set.  Gavin tracked down the way to the hot cocoa and Rocky and Tristan pretty much freezed their buns off.  Averi, however, who became a skater last Christmas at the age of one, was raring to go!  “Bring on the double-bladed skates!” she seemed to be saying.


The skating is in historical downtown Louisville {Old-fasjioned Ice Skating}, where WinterSkate continues until February 1 (free horse-drawn carriage rides on the weekend) CLICK HERE FOR INFO, situated on “Front Street” which if you know our family….Anyhow-they played Christmas music and some 60s sort of pop-jazz (they played Frank and Nancy Sinatra singing “Something Stupid” my kinda music!) and generally made it a fun experience for the whole fam. 


Boo-hoo for me.  Because of the knee thing, I didn’t go.  I so wanted to, but too wobbly still, I fear.  Stormie and Steph in the Skate Hut where a wood-burning fire made me smell like a Camp Fire girl.  Guini’s rented skates had laces to match her.  Averi was first to be ready to tear out on to the ice.


It should read “Go to the bathroom at your own risk”, because they had this nasty port-a-pottie and poor Gemma had to use it.  It was almost full of you-know-what, if you know what I mean and she cried in mortification when she saw it, so I sort of held her up in the air and prayed to God I wouldn’t gag (or drop her).  Go pottie before you arrive!  Seriously!


Stephanie and Tredessa get Gemma and Guini going.  Lots of resting on the wall.


The Powers Fam.  And Tristan and Stephanie coming around the end of the rink with Guini in tow (see also the 9-second video above).


Jovan captured these shots of the “original 5” kids {Tara, Stephanie, Tredessa, Rocky and Stormie} trying to relive the glory days of their childhoods when they all, at one time or another, may or may not have secretly been entertaining thoughts of becoming olympic skaters….back in the day.  Remember?  When skating was so big?  Nancy Kerrigan and Tonya Harding.  Good times, huh?  Haha.  No, my kids loved Scott Hamilton, though!


Lottsa laughing going on out there on the ice.


Rocky and Jovanie.  And? L’heure bleu.  The blue hour was a gorgeous backdrop to the early evening fun.

This was my fav picture of the day {above}.  The sun setting, the Christmas lights just beginning to twinkle.  Guini waves hello as Steph pulls her on a sled (hey!  why didn’t anyone pull me on a sled??)…and Rocky and Jovan, holding hands and pulling Averi-kins along are right behind.  In the background is my husband (in his hockey skates) and Gavin is actually skating alongside Tris, which was rare because that Gavin skated 90 miles an hour the entire time we were there (taking after his G-pa)!  Around and around and around he went!  He didn’t need hot chocolate.  He kept peeling off layers as he went.


Me and Jovanie, me and Mr Skater-man, me and Storm-kins and me and the Gav.

I WAS there…manning the video camera.  This is proof.  

We’ve skated.  We’re cold.  We’re hungry.  Let’s go to Chick-Fil-A!

The End.

4 thoughts on “Ice Capades

  1. Next year you can skate and I’ll come take the pictures! Such fun times for everyone. I am so glad you share these things. When I talk to them on the phone I get “we all went ice skating”. I’m so happy to see the pictures and hear the stories. Thanks!

    1. Hey, Cheri-glad to do this for you! I want you to know I bring you up to the kids a lot, too, because I see you in them so much! Guini has got your wry humor and expressions so many times! So when we talk, I’ll ask how you are doing and they love to remember you and tell me how they miss you. Wish you were here!

  2. I’m just glad you didn’t post the ones of my sprawled on the ice. I fell a couple of times, and I was a hockey player! The ice was pretty rough, but I suspect it was my own roughness that tripped me up. A lot of years have transcended the ole Zamboni. But I think I could get back into it, wasn’t that sore the next morning, all the time on the treadmill helps I guess, mostly where I hit the ice. We had a good time and were making memories though…

  3. Jeanie, thanks for keeping me in their thoughts. I am soooo ready for Larry to retire so we can move closer to all the grandkids. Doesn’t matter where because Southwest flies straight from Denver to Tucson!

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