Fall Forecast

fall day

Today is mostly yellow with a smattering of red, turning into deep wine by late afternoon.  A steady falling of leaves with a call for possible white-flakes on Thursday afternoon and a blast of cold-blue air which will effectively ruin the perfectly coiffed-in-color hues for Autumn 2012.

Done.  In a flash.  Poo.

Seriously?  Everything bloomed early this year.  And we are at least 2 weeks early in the changing leaves and falling, too. This is the part I wish to see last longer.  Wind and wet will cause the branches to be bare too fast.  Yes, I am griping.  But it has been lovely for a short while, yes?

These were taken yesterday.  A warm and lovely fall day in the neighborhood.  Gavin (9), Hunter (8), Guini (7),  and Gemma May (5).

3 thoughts on “Fall Forecast

  1. Yes Fall in Colorado too short. The snow will fly and the we’ll be back in the upper 60’s again fir the weekend but the leaves? Yea indeed. I’m glad you captured these Honey. Xxoo

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