Extremely Capable


Left-to-right:  Stefane (my child by other parents), Tredessa (my middle daughter), Elise-the-Niece, Stephanie (my second daughter) at the fundraiser Saturday night.

If they weren’t related to me, I would seriously be trying to figure out how to get to hang around with them!  Wish Jen and Sarah had been in this, too.  These women were amazing!  The night went smoooooooooth!

7 thoughts on “Extremely Capable

  1. Isn’t Elise a cutie? She’s a perfect ‘check-in’ person too because she’s so smiley and inviting. We had tons of fun that night!

  2. I’m so glad I know you and get the pleasure to know them. Truely beautiful women of God, and your other girls not pictured here. I’m blessed to know them all.

  3. AMAZING!~~~~~~Elise looks just like Tredessa!! (at least in that picture.) They look like Gorgeous Twins.! —and Stephanie—Wow.! Look at all that long beautiful dark hair. –Gorgeous.! She looks a lot like you Jeanie….”The highest of compliments.! And the one on the left could pass for a Rhoades kid too. Isn’t that something?
    I love you~~~~Mom

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