The Father’s House

Laura Rhinehart does amazing open, prophetic worship.  This song is a welcome right into the presence of the Lord:

“I can hear the Father saying, ‘My house is your house, My table is your table…’.” 

The video image is just the CD cover.  Ignore.  Turn up your speakers and hear the heart of the Father towards you.

God, it seems you have been our home forever…”  Psalm 90.1

1 thought on “The Father’s House

  1. Hello Jeanie! I had never heard this young lady before. But I do love worship music. It has set the pace for my prayer and daily living for a long time. I have almost all Terry MacAlmon’s CD’s he is ANORTHER good Worship leader. Thanks for the new worship song. I really enjoyed it.
    May God Bless you and the Family ALWAYS! Uncle Don

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