I had the most vivid dreams in the wee-before-the-sun hours of the morning.


DREAM:  I was at Heaven Fest.  Some friends who are going through very hard times right now were there.  We sat down and talked and laughed.  And their troubles were very far away.  And it brought me hope.  www.heavenfest.com


DREAM:  I was at my family reunion and I heard my grandparents’ voices in the other room.  I thought for sure I heard my grandpa calling out to me, “Debbie Jean!”  He is the only person who ever called me that and I could hear their sweet voices like they were right there. 

I asked my mom: Where are Grandma and Grandpa Allison?  I heard them?

She warned me that they had Alzheimer’s and didn’t remember anyone.  “You can go see them, sweetie, but don’t be disappointed.  They won’t know who you are.”

I ran to an elevator and got on and there they were, standing close to one another, as always, looking so sweet and beautiful, slight, pleasant smiles, and they politely and warmly said hello to me, as they would have greeted anyone.  I knew they didn’t know me.

Very cautiously, though, because I was so glad to see them, I asked, “Do you remember your granddaughter, Jeanie?”

Their faces lit up, they smiled brightly.

My grandma said, “Yes, of course.  We remember Jeanie.”

And I knew that even though they didn’t know me there, in that elevator, they remembered me, who I was to them.

I cannot even tell you what that has done to me.  It was just a dream, yet…ridiculously teary….

I wrote about them recently here [CLICK] and made this small tribute video.  I haven’t heard their voices in years, but I *heard* them this morning.  And I think every child in the world should have grandparents who just love them and leave them with this kind of legacy.  Their favor and love meant so much.  On it goes…

God, You are good.

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