Man on Fire, Happy Birthday!

A 2004 movie, Man on Fire: Directed by Tony Scott. Starring Denzel Washington, Dakota Fanning, Marc Anthony. In Mexico City, a former assassin swears vengeance on those who committed an unspeakable act against the family he was hired to protect.

Happy Birthday to Dave Powers, a son of my heart, my daughter’s God-sent love, and extraordinary daddy to my grandson

I love you, Dave.  I thank God for the day He sent you our way.  I will never forget the spiritual dream given to me in the early morning hours of the hope you were bringing, or of meeting you later that day, not even recognizing you as that dream fulfiller.  I still laugh knowing that the day dad proposed to me almost 30 years ago, He was putting all the shattered pieces together and you were being born into the world.  There God was, unbeknownst to us, putting all the pieces in place until the appointed time.

You were sent to us. I know this.  Maybe like the guy in the movie. And I thank God for it.

You are a man on fire.

For the past few years, I have watched you as a contagious, youthful-zeal and passion guy whose love for Jesus invited people, just swept them in, to awe and worship of God; a preacher who could rain down the words of righteousness like life and bring hope and joy.  You are always at your strongest when you release true joy in a room, btw.  Always.  But this season, as we have ventured into an unknown that is beyond anything any any of us have ever seen (and I mean: I have been around the block!),  I am keenly aware of the size of the vision and the gift of communication God has entrusted to you.  I have watched you become a voice that cannot be ignored, a spiritual stateman serving notice in enemy territory.  I have told the interns: You are watching history unfold.  You are hearing some of the most clear, visionary, faith-building, hope-infusing, revolutionary, enemy-diminishing, Kingdom-advancing words of our time.  You are being exposed to something unbelievably powerful and earth-changing.  Watch for how God plans to use that in your life, through your life, because this?  This is an honor.

But if I say, “I will not mention his word

or speak anymore in his name,”

his word is in my heart like a fire,

a fire shut up in my bones.

Jeremiah 20.9a

I have told them that, these young interns (,  because I am aware of its’ truth.  I get to hear you speak often and every. single. time. I am BLOWN AWAY by the power of it.  Especially because I also know the gentleness and purity of it.  Because I am your mother-in-law and I know for a fact that what you speak to the crowds is absolutely as transparent and real as when you stop and take the time (so so so often) to speak to just one person, even me.  I watch people walk away from listening to you, as you invite everyone to know and love Jesus like never before, and I understand their awe, I get that the anointing has begun the removal of some yokes and they are amazed at this Dave Powers.  I listen as they try to express.  And I can stand there knowing full well that who you are on stage or in front of a crowd is the tip of the iceberg of the man of character and faith, the husband, the father, the son and brother, the man you are outside of the spotlight (which you have never tried to find anyway), what they see, what impresses people – is never more true than when no one is looking.  Yes, this is what I know.

If anyone could think differently, wouldn’t it be the mother-in-law?  *smile

You were sent.

You belong to your parents.  They birthed you and raised you and did a great job.  I am grateful to their sacrifices and commitment to see you be all God had in mind.  But God sent you to us.  We got you as a gift.  And I thank Him for that.

Here are some words from me to you

Happy Birthday, David Michael Powers.  Son of my heart.  I didn’t birth you, but I am as proud of you as if I did. xxxooo Mom

5 thoughts on “Man on Fire, Happy Birthday!

  1. Yes, Happy Birthday, son, I’m glad that God gave you to us! Thank you for loving my daughter and my grandson. Be blessed on your birthday.

  2. Wow Jeanie, now I have tears streaming down my face because I am one of so very many who have been deeply impacted by Dave’s heart and message. You said all so perfectly. Happy Birthday Dave!!! So very grateful for God having lead my near Dave’s path.

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