Have you ever wondered, if for some one else, you have become to *amen* to everything the enemy has tried to do to them their whole life; whether you have become the person who causes the grief and rejection, rather than heals it?   The wound-inflictor rather than the wound-dresser?


The day can be perfect.  And the heart can be broken.  And you do not get those hours back.

Cast all your cares upon Him , for He cares for you…

Bearing burdens.

You watch and pray.  You warn and lookout for…But you cannot fix everything for the people you love.  If you could, they’d come to you instead of the Author and Finisher of their faith.

The good with the bad.

You can plant the highest quality seeds, but while you are sleeping away without a care in the world, an enemy will come in to sow weeds.  And even though you planted good seed, there they grow, side by side.  You don’t uproot the enemy-weeds or you’ll hurt the crop you desired, the one you carefully planted and cared for.  You wait until the harvest.  Then it will all be revealed.  The good with the bad, side by side until the Lord of the Harvest brings it all to light, just like in Matthew 13.

Two people in a room

B O M B : exploding weapon, torpedo, ticker, missile, minefield, attack, blast, bombard, destroy, destructive, blow up, charge, unstable, threat


B A L M :  dressing, emollient, ointment, soothing, restorative, refreshing, palliative, healing, easement, comfort, soother, alleviation, salve

Which one will I be?

Sometimes I really think I should be further down the road to Christlikeness.

2 thoughts on “Self-examination.

  1. Amen, Tara. Great post. Afraid I’ve been a bomb more than a balm. But Satan will not win that struggle!

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