Dear Gavin and Hunter, Guini and Gemma, Averi and Amelie~

A Happy Memorial Day to you!

Just remember: it isn’t about all the good sales at the stores or getting to play outside and being happy that school is over.  It is not about the yummy hot dogs on the grill or friends coming over or even just the day we usually want to put the pool up.  Today is a day to remember why we have all this freedom and such a great life.  Today we want to remember all of the Americans who have served in the military to protect our nation.  Many have died for the freedoms we enjoy.  Today is a great day to fly the flag and remember and thank God for those who sacrificed.

And it is also a good day to remember all the people we came from, the ones who came before us, great-grandparents and great-greats.  They have been the altar-builders, hewing a path before us, stacking the stones as guideposts and unmistakable remembrances on the paths, where we came from and where we are headed.  We remember and we thank God for them, too.

Teaching kids about Memorial Day:

CLICK on this link or THIS ONE

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