Gemma’s Dancing Movie

I SO LOVE exposing the grandbebes to my old 70s music favorites.  This is Gemma’s movie in honor of her turning 4.  She is a cutie.


The Music

“Raindrops Keep Falling on My Head,” was the first song we chose because it was sprinkling one morning she was here, very gray and that seemed happy.   But I couldn’t resist leaving Gemma’s chatter in, so I had to switch from the wonderful B.J. Thomas rendition to the Ferrante and Teicher version.  Some might call this “elevator music,” but I can actually appreciate their piano renditions (plus symphony) of the movies of the 1960s and 70s.  So I digitized “Raindrops” from an old LP I have.

Then, what perfect dance song would I use?  Hmmm…..I changed this song a dozen times or more.  I knew when I found the right one, I’d just know it.  And I did!  Leo Sayer’s 1976 played-constantly-on-the-radio, “You Make Me Feel Like Dancing!”  Happy!

LOVE YOU, Gemma!

You are a smile-bringer, o-yes you are!

2 thoughts on “Gemma’s Dancing Movie

  1. Happy 4th Birthday, Gemma! I enjoyed seeing your beautiful and fun dancing, all your wonderful facial expressions, and hearing your sweet voice and thoughts. I celebrate you!

  2. Wow! Since I’m so behind in emails, I hadn’t watched that yet, but that was a GREAT video, mom! Put together really well and shows off Gemma’s life and beauty. She totally reminds me of Tara:)

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