Counting down the days

This was the sign on my front porch 2 years ago in late June.

It is almost time again.  26 days or so…give or take a few hours.  Denver to Chicago, that crazy town.

Actually ~ flying in to Chicago, then “Going Back to Indiana,” as the Jackson 5 sang because I lived in NW IN, part of the greater Chicago area.  My nephew Jordan is getting married.  Then we’ll all go to church where last the Moslander crew all lived together before marrying and moving out and away: Ross-the-Boss, Mrs Moss and all the Little-Landers.  Then the beach at Lake Michigan, the Dunes.  Playing and remembering in our old stomping grounds.  Then back to Chicago for a day or two before home.

Mommy-time.  No time like Mommy-time!  And Dad and the sibs and the nieces and nephews and old friends and Vienna Red Hots on steamed Poppyseed buns.

UPDATE 5.31.11:  O I forgot to show you what I have on my iPod!

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