Cozumel, isla de Mexico


Ten reasons I want to go back!

  1. It was beautiful.  In the hotel (The Palace) and away from it.
  2. We were treated like royalty around-the-clock.  The staff at The Palace was absolutely amazing!
  3. Two words: ALL INCLUSIVE!  24-hour room service, gourmet dining from various restaurants anytime, any way we wanted it.
  4. $1500 worth of activities included in our deal, among them: snorkeling, Dolphins and diving, photo sessions with their photographers, manicures, pedicures, wholistic massages, tours, and anti-aging facials, baby!  Oh, yeah! 
  5. Hunter made friends everywhere he went.  One little boy he played with kept saying ” Oh my gosh!” this.  And “Oh my gosh!” that.  Finally, Hunter thought he’d bring some correction to his little friend and he offered this advice:  “Why don’t you just say ‘Oh, my goodness?  Or sheep dip!’?”  Hunter is his daddy’s boy!
  6. There were scooters and an open-air Jeep zooming down the coast.  Snorkeling and swimming with dolphins.  Chankanaab was wonderful.  WHEN I return, I shall do at least 2 days there, whereeven  the fish dine on homemade corn tortilla chips  (how I crave them even now).
  7. There were reefs and ruins.  Soft winds and gentle waves.  
  8.  The food, oh the food!  Mexican Caribbean, delightful.  Mmmmm…!!
  9. The pool looked like it flowed straight into the ocean.  The air: hot, humid and lovely.
  10. Romantic!  The days were long and sweetly languorous, the evenings hung endlessly in the sky for dancing and dining.

Oh, I will return to Cozumel! ;p

Mood Music for my pictorial slideshow…Hunter and I put this together today and fondly remembered…and wanted to go right back!

Hunter may even honeymoon at Cozumel someday, he is thinking.


Push play on the mood music then the slideshow at once


Feel the moist, warm air; feel the ocean breeze, hear the waves gently lapping against the dock?…aaaahhhhhh….I am swaying in my hammock….


Dave and I on our last night there ~ way more rested and waaaay more tan than when we arrived.  Lovely!

Uno drawback: my hair in humidity es no bueno!



2 thoughts on “Cozumel, isla de Mexico

  1. Wow! Looks like an incredible vacation. I enjoyed listening to the music while watching the video…put me right there with you wonderful people.

  2. Thanks this made for very intresting reading. I really love your site, the theme is very cool. I have visited here numerous times but never left a commented, just wanted to let you know… Keep up the excellent work!

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