The Summer Sand-Bucket List

Earlier this summer I decided to assemble a “sand-bucket” list  (wrote about it here and here) of things I needed to do to feel I’d enjoyed summer by its’ end.  Well, these cooler evenings and bright, breezy mornings, and the calendar flipping to September (not to mention my grandbebes back-packing it to school) tell me I had better assess.  Autumn actually begins September 22nd at about 9 pm here in Colorado, so I have some days yet to correct oversights…how about your Sand-Bucket list?  How is it going?

My update below:

My 2010 Sandbucket Summer List ~

  1. Lemonade on the swing, as many times as possible, in the evenings, on the patio (real lemons, yes, please)  {not enough}
  2. A little getting-dirty-in-the-garden everyday – at least try to make it everyday  {did pretty well on this one}
  3. Fresh-brewed iced tea every time Tara comes over – because we are the tea lovers {did Ok…Tara didn’t come over enough, though}
  4. Sidewalk chalk art days with the grandbebes  {oops…still have a grand collection of brand new sidewalk chalk in luscious colors…must do!!}
  5. Reading stories to the grandbebes on the patio swing  {if they weren’t so wiggly…lots of swing and pool time…but then this is a good fall activity, too, right?}
  6. Roast marshmallows in the chimnea {dang…haven’t done this since the chimnea moved to the poolside patio for warming bebes after summer evening swims, BUT I have 3 flavors of jumbo marshmallows in the jar: strawberry, vanilla and caramel creme and the chimnea needs some use…next visit!}
  7. An outdoor movie night  {only had one…neeeeeeeed more of these for they are divine, divine!}
  8. Slow walks around the neighborhood after dark  {shamefully lacking, shamefully…too driven as a walker and too busy this summer, it seems}
  9. Fast walks really early in the morning {yikes…reeeeeeeeally shamefully lacking…gotta get back in my groove}
  10. Fast drives over country roads (with the top down on the Mustang, of course!)  {*deep sigh…still to-do…although we did drive the Cozumel coastline at 150km which was roughly 90 miles per hour in an open-air Jeep}
  11. Some outdoor worship nights  {Rocky?  Tris?  DP?  get yourselves over here with your guitars!  Had that one amazing prayer meeting out there – will never forget it…}
  12. Floating in the pool, listening to 70s music  {yes!  lovely.  also floated to “martini” music and once to 40s standards}
  13. Hanging out with the neighbors a little  {oops…}
  14. Gotta wade around in a cold mountain stream  {missing the mountains!}
  15. Maybe head over to a festival.  {Heaven Fest was awesome!}
  16. Sing my lungs out next to a rushing mountain river so only me and God can hear  {again with the mountains, pooey…but I did actually sing my head off a lot this summer in the car and while I gardened and in the shower and etc}
  17. Read a novel…hmmm…Altar by my husband?  {well…not yet…Dave was going to read Altar to me while in Cozumel but we only got through 3 or 4 chapters…so I have a few days}


I tried to “prepare” myself for fall by getting grateful about Pumpkin Spice Lattes being back at Starbucks and assembling an “autumn” playlist of songs at  I become very melancholy each fall with my approaching birthday.  I found 110 songs and they are almost all about September or November.  October does not get the music it deserves.  Hmph.  So that depressed me.  {j/k}  Sometime this month I’ll go through and keep only the songs I really love and perhaps share it here – because I am nice like that.  ;p

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