Bouquets of Lettuce

I have harvested my first two baby zuchinis (or is it just ‘zuchini’)?   They are dark green and beautiful, small and perfect.   And remember, people, if your neighbor or “loved one”  brings you a giant zuchini, bigger than your thigh – it is an act of passive-violence against you.   No zuchini should be allowed to become Jabba-the-Hut.   Read my previous warnings here and here.  

No, a zuchini should be gently pulled from the vine while the skin is tender and unblemished.   It should be delicately sliced on the diagonal  and tossed in extra-virgin olive oil, seasoned carefully with kosher salt and freshly-ground pepper, maybe some Mrs. Dash or garlic powder and then grilled to barely-past-crisp, when  it has sweetly  carmelized where dark grill lines have formed.   Succulent!

All five tomato plants are fruiting away.   I can’t wait to show Gavin the handfuls of grape tomatoes that have formed while he’s been vacationing.   I doubt many will make it into the house with his mad love for the tomato (a boy after his Nonna’s heart).

My first hibicus flower of 2 large shrubs appeared today.   They are a few weeks late, but I see thousands of buds.   A couple of years ago as I was going through my life’s lowest point so far, I would count the hibiscus flowers that appeared each day as a sign that it would get better.   I needed something those dark days to bring hope.   I remember the “7-hibicus-bloom” day.   Then there was the “12-hibiscus-bloom” day.   It seems silly now, but it was the touch point for me, then.   It finally increased to hundreds of blossoms and I was indeed healing.  Seeing them again now reminds me.   God is good.


The grass is happy in July!   The daylilies are blooming madly each day, and starting over the next.   The Asian lilies are standing tall and proud and the hollyhocks are a spectacular sight.   When I picked a handful of some chartreuse leaf lettuce for Sesame Turkey Roll-ups for lunch, is was the perfect “bouquet” so I put it in water in  a vase to enjoy on the counter until I am ready to wash it and eat it.


There are 2 large robins that are swooping my head daily, so they must be hiding some eggs somewhere in the yard.   They truly have no fear of me and while it creeps me out when they swoop from behind and I suddenly experience the wind from their wings on my face, yesterday they came right at me face-to-face,    while I innocently sat on the swing.   I actuilly ducked and they flew so close, as if playing “chicken,” then swooped at the final moment – right under the top bar of the swing  inches from my head to, I assume,  make their point – whatever it is. (?)

Stormie says it is like the Seinfield episode where they make a thing out of Elaine’s big head because birds were flying into her.   Hmph.

I am meeting God very early in the garden these days.   You should try it, too!…Jeanie

NOTE TO SELF:   Make friends with the robins.   If this fails, take dominion.

pictured: zuchini, bouquets of lettuce, a couple of my “flower girls,” Averi and Guini

7 thoughts on “Bouquets of Lettuce

  1. We are home! Gavin did talk about your garden while we were gone – to a few different unsuspecting people;o)

  2. I love hear about the blooming going on at your house. It is such a beautiful time of year!!!
    In 16 days I’m hoping for some serious blooming going on in the hearts of those coming to you know what….HEAVENFEST!!!

  3. I was just watching an Andy Griffith Show episode last evening called: Barney The Lawman.
    Barney had to run off some farmers that were selling their produce on the road illegally and one thing that I noticed as the people were carrying away their booty was this guy had a honkin’ (as my son-in-lay Dave would put it) squash or zuchini or something along that vein that was as big as his leg! He had it cradled under his arm and I wondered if it was just a prop or if it really was that big????
    You know what I LOVE?
    Zuchini made into that stuffing that tastes better than StoveTop…

  4. Your garden stories are the best. Although my garden fails in comparison, I did see 4 new tomatos today in my little salsa garden. Such fun.

  5. Your bouquets of lettuce are actually really pretty. You wouldn’t think that lettuce could look good enough to eat! And those two flower girls are Beautiful!

  6. It’s nice to see Larry the Cucumber’s cousins the Zuchinis gatting some recognition on this blog. With Bob the Tomato getting so much time here, did the Zuchinis demand equal time? The grand kids are beautiful.(Look I can be nice too)

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