17 days until you know what….

http://kxwa.wayfm.com/   Check out this radio station website – nice, huh??


It occurred to me I had never mentioned the Cardboard Campout that is part of Heaven Fest.   We’re gathering up to 500 people to raise a minimum of $100 in support to sleep under the stars with only some cardboard and duct tape.   They’ll be fasting and praying and we hope to raise a lot of money to go towards Mayor Hickenlooper’s Road Home Project, which is doing a great job of getting homeless people and families off the streets of the Denver area (with a 10-year plan to end homelessness http://www.denversroadhome.org/.

We still have some openings avaiable if you’re into social justice and feeding the poor and stuff like that.   It is a GOOD cause!   www.cardboardcampout.com

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