Does this look like a comb-over to you?

I hate having my hair in my face.   The further away it is, the better I can breathe.   But the current bang trend is to part from the side of your head and comb it over to the other side.   I have made fun of nearly bald men for a very long time and now I am using their trick-sort of.   I cannot go the whole distance like some of my friends and daughters who do the swoop so well.


Meanwhile, see these cute pictures of my great friend (and the Heaven Fest HR Director), Stefane, who has single-handedly restored me to my first true love: big hair.   Last weekend, this glamorous Texan and her good-looking husband, Wrex,  manned the booth at Bandimere Speedway to spread the word about Heaven Fest.   She is our best advertisement!   LOVE the photos, Stef!

Stef has a great “comb-over”…Jeanie

NOTE TO SELF:   Get a haircut before HF!

5 thoughts on “Does this look like a comb-over to you?

  1. Great hair… seriously. If it DID look like a comb-over, it would be the best one I’ve ever seen! Not anything like that guy in the Diet Pepsi Max commercial… Ha!

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