You’ll know it when you hear it

Worship isn’t a fast song, getting the blood pumping or the excitement built,

Worship isn’t a slow song of somber reverence

It isn’t necessarily even a song

But it can be a song

And since I like to sing, since music is my medium for deep-heart things,

my worship often comes out in a melody, usually with words

It isn’t about the song being loud or being soft

to make it worship (true worship, the kind the Father is listening for…)

“Worship is when your heart touches your Father” (Tommy Bates)

Have you ever started singing to the Lord and the love poured out of you so strongly you suddenly became aware that He was right there, in Person, giving you His complete and undivided attention?  The Presence.  There is nothing like it.  He inhabits our praises…

So.  The question in Amos 5 gets me every time: when was the last time you sang to Me?

amos 5 when was the last time you sang to me
image taken in Peaceful Valley, August 2013

So, you’ll know it when you hear it, because you’ll know when you have touched His heart.

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