I went to a garden party

Tomorrow is another day.

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But today there were peppers: Hungarian Wax and Sweet Bananas and Salsa-Jalepenos and my wondrous, most glorious Poblanos (there will be chile rellenos in the next couple of days, oh, yes, there will be!).  There were 4 types of tomatoes and some zucchini and squash.  Oh and the tomatillas are going to be amazing, I can tell from the very first one, ever!  Got a big bunch of chamomile and 2 nice, fluffy bunches of kale.  I got Brussels Sprouts greens and some cukes, plenty of dill (called a weed for good reason) and good heavens – what will we do with all of this basil?  There’s some Rosemary and a few beets, and many-many-many more peppers to come tomorrow!  Not everything is pictured here because ~ it just wouldn’t fit!

Three 4 things about today in the garden:

1.  Today was nearly perfect, seriously.  The temperature, the blue sky, everything.  Being in the garden today is a reward, not work.  Such grace!

2.  I am reminded that between the time you drop the seed into soil and the time your arms can barely contain the harvest, many things happen and much time goes by.  But it will happen.  If you plant the seed and actively wait, watching, making sure it gets moisture and sun and time {you can’t hurry love} – oh yes, time is so necessary, well, then – you will reap a harvest.  You will eat of the fruit of your labor of love.  The time you gave, the blood, sweat and tears you spilled into the ground – will reward you, by the grace of God.

Do not be deceived, God is not mocked; for whatever a man sows, that he will also reap…And let us not grow weary while doing good, for in due season we shall reap if we do not lose heart.

Galatians 6.7-9 nkjv

Seed-time and harvest are two distinct and specific times.  Don’t give up in the middle!

3.  You MUST apply yourself to using this beautiful, natural, organic bounty to its’ fullest glory.  Do not let this be what happens:

fruits and vegetables


No – let nothing of the sort happen!

4.  Making more salsa tomorrow.  Yum!  :)

There is a garden

Something like the shadow of a butterfly

And lies beyond the gates of dark and light

And, darling, it belongs to me


When you go there

There will be such laughter in the dimpled sky

The songs you sing will drive away the night

The magic garden has a way of making you feel free

-Magic Garden by 5th Dimension

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