I wasn’t allowed to listen to this kind of music when I was a kid.  This was “hard rock” to me in the early 70’s and I was, you know, the preacher’s daughter.  So, I am not going to try to explain how I still know every word and the entire arrangement of this little Osmond treasure.  Huh-uh.  Never-you-mind about that.  Just watch.  Check out those great [Mormon] moves and listen for the whoop, now!

NOTE:  Yes, there was some Puppy Love over Donny and he had to sing Go Away Little Girl to me in a way that I would understand his agony in our relationship (and naturally They Tried to Tell Us We were Too Young), but my true love and total allegience remained with David {I Think I Love You} Cassidy at all times.  This is a true statement.

SHhhh…please don’t tell my parents.  ; )

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