Averi-Baby is TWO!


Happy Birthday, sweet girl and totally terrific two-year-old toddler.  Oh what a hilarious joy you are!  Such a typical firstborn, ready to order your world, so prepared to be in charge of your new little sibling so soon.  You have that head full of big, beautiful hair and are head strong and know how things should be.  You have mastered the choleric-sanguine personality in your cheeky 34″ frame (with your 50 centimeter head circumference – though we suspect the doctor did not account for all the hair, or the unusually active, large and amazing brain-which runs in the family, ahem…).

Our current favorite activity, mine and Averi’s, is to watch babies laughing on Youtube together.  Averi calls the shots.  We have no more than laughed our heads off on one video when she has chosen her next choice from the suggested videos on the right column.

Averi: Nonna!  I want that one!  Do that one!

Me (seizing the opportunity for affection):  Ok.  You want that one?  Gimme a kiss!

Averi: Ok.  {smooch}

Then we watch the one she wanted.  And we repeat the process.  Over and over.  Good times.  She is my girl until Poppa walks in the door.  Then I cease to exist, but it is good while it lasts!


Girl, you are princess-pink-and-polka-dots,  rough-and-tumble-funny-girl and everything in between.  I love you bunches!

Happy Birthday, sweet baby girl….Nonna

7 thoughts on “Averi-Baby is TWO!

  1. Happy birthday little Averi! You make me laugh ALL THE TIME and I so love taking pictures of your hilarious faces(a lot of which remind me of your daddy). I can’t wait for our birthday date together next week!! I love you sweet girl! -Aunt Stormie

  2. Happy 2-fingers beautiful little Averi! You are growing, growing, growing! We look forward to when we get to see you again and how big you are, big girl! We love you!

  3. Averi Jayden/Averi Baby,
    I love you so much. I love that you call me Tawa and tell me to sit next to you and ask me with your big beautiful cheeks if you can have another cookie.(after having eaten 5 already) You are so funny and adorable and I can’t wait to see what 2 brings! Love, Aunt Tawa

  4. Averi Baby! I’m sorry I’m late with this message, though we did chat ON your birthday so I get points for that right? I love you, sweet girl! I’m always honored when mom tells me that you look like me when I was young because you are SUCH a beautiful little girl. You’re headstrong and fearless and love to laugh and dance and enjoy yourself. Too adorable! I can’t wait to see how your little sister differs from you, is the same and how she compliments you. I love you bunches! Happy Birthday!

  5. I love you my little baby girl! It’s awesome being a father to a crazy cute little blessing! Happy, happy birthday for all the ones to come. I love you sweetness

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