What-Would-Tebow-Do is a new, fun little thing going around in Denver circles.

I’m not a football person, and barely notice the Broncos (sorry, everybody), but Tim Tebow is hilariously representing for the Fam (you know, the “Household of Faith”) and making news for possibly being the least experienced and maybe less-than-brilliantly-skilled quarterback who often almost stumbles into winning with rather miraculous last-second saves.

He kneels, he bows his head and sings his head off on “Our God is an Awesome God” pretty off-key. He is creating a stir and seems humble, seems real, is actually a good sport, taking responsibility when things go awry and is an encourager to teammates.

He is  probably worthy of some emulation.

Ryan and his dudes “Tebow-ing” before the wedding last month.  Photo by Chronos Images, Matthew Greenlee

But the pressure to that has to be crazy-hard.  He is under extreme scrutiny and people are watching to see if he authentic.  One small slip and oh my – people will eat him up and spit him out.

And I have wondered how any of us would stand up to that, or what the message would be if people were watching that closely?  What if people looked at situations and circumstances and asked “What would Jeanie do?”  And then actually followed through like they believed I would do?  And what if they were  mimicking my behaviors and actions?  Or the songs I sing?  Just wondering what that would look like and if I need to make some adjustments?

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  1. I love that he is using the platform God has given him to do good. I love that he tells people who are only about football that helping kids in orphanages is what life is about instead. I love that he kneels and thanks his Creator for what he has. I love that he wore John 3:16 on his face. I love that he is not ashamed. I love that he is not afraid of offending anyone. There is no shortage of folks out there using their platforms for other purposes (think Hollywood) with none such scrutiny, none such judgment. I am praying that he will stand up to it, stand for it, stand firm through it. I am not a football fan, but I might become one!

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