Decorations @ Christmas

There is the tree in the living room.

It is themed and quite lovely, I think.

Then there is the tree with a gazillion mismatched things, and it is the tree of my heart.   Not designer.  Not a tree anyone would want to replicate, nor could they.    This tree, the family room tree, is filled with the ornaments we have collected over time.  There are things dating back to our childhoods, Dave’s and mine.  There are thing the kids made growing up and now even things the grandbebes have made.  There are ornaments I have received as gifts.  I have vintage ornaments and 5 Baby’s First Christmas baubles.  There is an egg-shaped Mod Podged thing my mom made in the 70s that has my high school graduation picture on it.  And felt-frames with my childrens’ little school days photos.  There are odds and ends ornaments giving tribute old Christmas movies and 1960s Christmas TV shows and even a letter Stormie wrote to Santa one year, even though we never actually did the Santa thing.

It is the tree that makes me smile.  And cry a little.

Gemma and I unpacked the ornaments the other day


21-seconds of Gemma

3 thoughts on “Decorations @ Christmas

  1. That is one patient dog! Poor Gemma, it would be just right then Sandy would leave. Thanks for sharing some of her day. She looks like she enjoys spending time with Nona.

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