What was I thinking? Dinosaur Cake!

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The cake was a challenge.  I can bake an ok cake – usually.  But this one needed some actual structure.  Eeks.  (See Dave feigning concern, left)

After the 3rd head had fallen off and I was out of cake and had Stormie quickly whipping up a batch of Rice Krispie Treats to fill in (and by the way – if I had it to do over, the main body would be cake, all limbs would be Rice Krispie treats), I cried to Stormie, "What was I thinking?  Why did I think I could do this?"

She quickly answered, "I'll tell you why – Ace of Cakes!  That's why."

It's true.  I am an Ace of Cakes junkie, that's the main guy, Duff, on the left (see http://www.foodnetwork.com/food/show_db )  It is my favorite Food Network show (and by the way, I know one of the Food Network's fabulous cameramen and the next time he gets to shoot Duff and the incredible cake-making team, he's going to get me an autograph written in white chocolate…right, Greg?).  Anyway – these TV people are cake makers extraordinaire.  They create huge towering buildings and fire trucks and dinosaurs – all out of cake.  If something doesn't work out, they scrape it off into the trash.  I have to admit I was kinda wanting that experience and I ended up getting it.  The first time or two, it felt somewhat wasteful, but by the time I got that last new head and neck on and decorated – scooping off the junk into the trash felt good.  It felt very Ace, or maybe Deuce of Cakes.

If Stormie had not been there, I think I'd have crumbled in despair – much like the cake-head kept doing.  But we did it – we got it there – 3 cakes mixes, 4 batches of buttercream, chocolate chip toenails and white almond bark tinted some weird color for those pointy things on its back –  later… and Gavin loved it and everyone wished that I had done it in Rice Krispies.  Geez, people, you have no idea!


Blessings, Jeanie

NOTE TO SELF:  I think now I could master one of those Barbie-dolls-in-ball-gowns cakes from the early 70's…perhaps a teddy bear, or maybe even Michaelangelo's, David?                                                  

pictured: Gavin's dinosaur cake

9 thoughts on “What was I thinking? Dinosaur Cake!

  1. I'm not crazy…I don't think. I left a comment here last night, but it's gone now! Anyways…I think your cake is beautiful!

  2. Too funny!  I've never seen Ace of Cakes, but my hubby was a Pastry Chef for many moons.  He is definitely an Ace.  He made our wedding cake — it looked like a three tiered waterfall.  It was gorgeous.  He's made tents, 3D Incredible Hulks, all kinds of things out of cake.  (I am not that talented.)  Long story short, I know what a good cake looks like and I think yours is just peachy! I bet Gavin loved every single bite!

  3. ahhh yes, the cake. you didn't mention that while everyone else was enjoying said cake, you and i sat in chairs…giggling, refusing to "enjoy" any…we had had quite enough!;) i thouroughly enjoyed our endeavor however and while i'm hesitant to say it, i believe i would do it again…eek!

  4. Wow, Stephanie – good to know about your husband.  Next time, maybe I'll have to get his expertise!  Post a pic of your wedding cake – sounds aewsome.  They all do.

  5. It was as good as it looked which means it was amazing! Actually I would love the barbie cake for my b-day!

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