Hopelessly Devoted

Try this: tell your spouse, "To prove my total devotion to you, I am committing to getting up 15 minutes early everyday and just focusing on you."  It may happen.  It may not.  Life can get hectic.  See how devoted your spouse now believes you are?

"Having devotions" for most Christians, it seems, has become synonymous with "setting aside a few minutes" to pray and read the Bible.  I hesitate to say, "If we committed to our marriages in the same way they wouldn't be in very good shape," because sadly, many aren't and for that very reason.

I love newlyweds.  They are embarrassingly devoted.  They are ooey and gooey and so "in to" each other. They actually enjoy one another.  Because of all the conversation going on, they have a lot of secrets that pass lovingly between them. They sit at Village Inn talking, really talking, glad to be together and saddened by the married couples all around them who read their books and newspapers without even looking at one another and speak only to ask for the salt.


My son Rocky got married in September.  Watching Jovan preparing to marry him reminded me of earlier times in my love for Jesus Christ – when I looked for Him everywhere.  I wanted to hear His words, be in His Presence.  His opinion mattered most. To actually be like Him was a goal to attain.  A bride's whole world is in bringing joy to the one she loves.  "I am my beloved's and He is mine…" 

Early one morning a couple of weeks ago, I read something very simple and gentle that stopped me in my tracks.  It was one of those light bulb moments.  But the day wore on.  It slipped from my mind (short circuit).  Surfing late-night TV, I suddenly heard the author of what I'd read quoting his own book – the exact words. I am pretty sure God was trying to make sure I really heard this:

"It occurred to me one day that though I often worry
about whether or not I sense the presence of God,
I give little thought to whether God senses the presence
of me." 
Philip Yancy in Prayer – Does it Make Any Difference?

What sweet invitation.  I was somehow thinking that the pursuit of His Presence was elusive at times.  Why, I wondered, am I so aware of Your Presence sometimes and at other times I am wondering where You are?  Maybe because while I was desiring to be in that place of peace and joy, I wasn't really "there."  Maybe it has been me missing from those uncomfortable void times?

Yesterday I noticed that everytime I interrupted Dave for absolutely nothing important, just something I wanted to say, he stopped what he was doing and looked at me and engaged.  There have been times when he hasn't, when he has kept his eyes on his computer and said "Uh-huh…" and though we were in the same room, he wasn't really with me. That's how it can be.  I am just as guilty. But Dave immediately hearing me, looking toward me – that careful attention melts my heart towards him.

I am certain that my presence toward God will do the same.

Be blessed in all your comings and goings today.  I think God is looking for you.  Jeanie

NOTE TO SELF: "The secret of the Lord is with those who fear Him…" Ps. 25.14  Move in close and listen for His secrets.

8 thoughts on “Hopelessly Devoted

  1. I've been contemplating similar things lately. I so often say that I have a "relationship" with the Lord, but would my human relationships survive when given the same treatment as my relationship with my precious Savior?  Probably not, is the unfortunate answer.  I wonder why it is that I ask the Lord for answers, but never sit around to hear what He has to say.  What would it be like if when we sat to pray together about a situation that we just simply said, "Lord, what do you say about this?" and nobody says one word, but sits and listens?  Wouldn't that be uncomfortable and a little intimidating?!  Isn't that the way that we talk to each other though?  We speak and we let them speak.  Why don't we treat Him as though He's sitting in the room with us?  He is.  Note to Self(as mom would say): When I'm praying about a situation that I need direction on, try asking once and sitting and letting the Lord speak to me then and there as I would any human being I was asking advice from.

  2. IYou always seem to see the truth behind things and bring them to clear perspective for the rest of us. This is something I have been struggling with for a while now and I have known it is me not God that is coming up short but I just haven't known exactly how to fix it. Thank you for this, I miss you soo much!

  3. You are so amazingly insightful, Jeanie.  You have a way of making the obvious, well… obvious!  Isn't it funny that the simple things seem so tough to grasp sometimes?  Just the thought of how my human relationships would suffer if I paid so little attention to them was really impactful to me.  Thanks for sharing your thoughts.  

  4. Good insight honey, Quantity AND quality, you don't hear that much. I'm hopefully (full of hope) devoted to Him and you… xxoo me

  5. Thanks Sis, for those inspiring words.  I have always believed that we are so inextricably connected to God (as his children) that if he moves but one single iota away from us, we suddenly are aware of what seems to be the greatest gulf- as if we are dropped into the middle of a huge, deep, dark arena as the only soul- and it echos with emptiness…and we turn to see where God is…but I have to wonder if, as a response to the way I handle my relationship with him, he doesn't sometimes move that iota away just to see if I'll even notice…sad on my part.  I keep thinking that when I arrive in glory (as if by train) I will run as fast as I can to his throne…I should be running to his throne now! Love ya joe

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