We’re Home!

One twisted and scraped and swollen knee, one sprained ankle, one broken arm, one neck-lash and a lot of very expensive gas later, we're back!

Just walking in the door from the Moslander family reunion where we celebrated my parent's 50th wedding anniversary at Big Lake State Park in Mound City, MO.

More to come…!

Blessings,  Jeanie (by the way – not everything above happened to me…but most of it did…)

NOTE TO TONIA: Everything looks lush and wondrous.  All the squash are monstrous and plump, the tomatoes are glowing the pumpkins got gigantic, the flowers welcomed us with bursts of color and Sophie's grass is like a foot high.  You are fruitful and nurture everything you touch, including us.  THANK – YOU!

NOTE TO PEARL AND BRYAN: I bet Sandy won't even want to come home, but fear not – we will pick up our mutt!  For tonight, I am meandering aimlessly through my backyard with no caution or fear of doggy-doo.  Heavenly!  You guys are THE BEST!!!  And – CONGRATULATIONS on your news – our beautiful Audrey, to be a bride!  Awesome!

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