Today – Cucumber Sandwiches?


Tiny, little cukes swelled into full-grown fruit while I was away.  I haven't had time to google for a good ice-box pickle recipe or two yet, but, nonetheless – here they are, in all their glory…piles of them. (I want nothing to do with canning, but if anyone knows a good brine or two?…)

Red & White Salad, a favorite of my dad's: cukes, tomatoes, sweet onions in a dressing from extra-virgin-olive-oil and cider vinegar and a Hidden Valley Italian Dressing Mix.  Best in August and early September.

Cucumber Sandwiches: Thick slices of garden-grown cucumbers on top of those mini, cocktail-rye slices that have been slathered in a Hidden Valley Ranch-seasoned cream cheese and sprinkled with the lighest hint of garlic salt.  Mmmmm. 

Does all bountiful home-gardener produce have its very own sandwich recipe, I wonder?

The Hidden Valley people seem to have their finger in the pulse of the cucumber-heavy garden.

Out to the garden…Jeanie

NOTE TO SELF:  Would right now be a good time to try the 10-day "Daniel diet" of only water and vegetables?  Is it still a Daniel diet if I add in grilled chicken breast or steak?  Think on this…

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  1. You absolutely have to stop with the making me hungry thing…  you're killin' me, Smalls!  My hubby makes amazing cucumber salad.  Now I have to raid the fridge.  Did I mention that it's 11:25… at night?  :)

  2. Ahh the pickle, makes me want to watch the Andy Griffith Show, The Pickle Contest! Sweets are the best. Those little Gherkins, it's like munching on sweet nubbins from Willie Wonka's factory, the vegetable section of course…

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