Went to Sleep with YOU on My Mi-i-ind!

“I woke up in love this morning
I woke up in love this morning
Went to sleep with you on my mind!” 
~The Partridge Family

The Pay-off for the Diaper Days

We did Mother’s Day a week late.  My children make everyday Mother’s Day, though, naturally.  Nevertheless, I got flowers and CDs and hugs and kisses and eye cream that will erase every wrinkle guaranteed and other stuff to make me pretty.  I got the colorful new dishes I have been wanting – all sorts of them and a shopping spree already with one daughter and another to come with another and handmade stuff and an orange ring to die for and this <SO neat> cool-cool-cool hook rack made with heavy-duty outdoor faucet handles (each unique in color and design) for the pool area,  and time with my grandbebes and a big family meal surrounded by the people I love and a cool case for my iPod Touch and flowers and plants and shrubs for my garden and more. time

Time in a Bottle

{Sigh}…I love time. 

There is nothing more valuable than some one giving you the gift of their time.  Nothing.  So, my kiddos gave me theirs and they stayed late and were loud and it makes me happy.  There was dancing and merriment and videos of the olden days when the kids were little and singing and prayer and love and kisses and grandbebes jumping from the stairs and on couches and into pillows.  There were ping-pong-gun games which did not pan out because the balls just sort of blopped out instead of actually shooting, which was probably safer for us all, anyway.


We were also celebrating birthdays with Tara and Stephanie, so it was a wonderful occasion of good stuff.  Eighteen of us, together just to love and honor one another.

“Do dreams come true?  Well if they do I’ll have you
Not just for a night, but for my whole life through” – David Cassidy

Birds of a Feather

But the pièce de résistance?  The thing that wowed me most??  My kids did my second-favorite Partridge Family song, “I woke Up in Love this Morning.”  YES!  They did!  Sooooo sweet and hilarious.  They had a little fun with it.  They didn’t do it like last time, during which they pre-recorded my FAVORITE P-fam song, “It’s One of those Nights.”  With that, they sang it and then taped themselves lip-syncing so it would be truly Partridge family-ish, a little off and marvelous!

This time, they just gathered in the family room and sang it live looking at pieces of paper with the words.  But I?  STILL. LOVED. IT!!  And I will now share it with YOU!


The daughters: Jovan, Tredessaa, Tara, Stormie and Stephanie.  The sons: Dave, Tristan and Rocky

Mother’s Day 2010 Patridge Family Cover: I Woke Up in Love this Morning


Blast from the past ~ Mother’s Day 2008 Partridge Family Cover: Yes, Love (It’s One of those Nights)

My kids have made life great.  The babies they’ve given me are making it divine! 



Gemma, Hunter, Gavin, Guinivere, Averi and Baby Amelie Belle

I woke up in love this morning
Went to sleep with YOU on my mind!

Thanks, kiddos!  I L O V E this!  Keep covering the Partridge Fam for me, ok-ok-ok???

10 thoughts on “Went to Sleep with YOU on My Mi-i-ind!

  1. Hey there…YOU ARE TRULY BLESSED ! But sure you already knew that :) Your family is great ! They all are very talented…wonder where they got that from???? I loved the tribute !

  2. The love and energy in the room made me want to dance (spin, jump, clap, skip, and twirl) like Hunter and Gemma. Beautiful people!!!

    Jeanie’s Mother’s Day present from the kids: a cover of The Partridge Family song, “I Woke Up in Love this Morning.”Went to Sleep with YOU on My Mi-i-ind! « Thought Collage

    Melissa Condit likes this…

    Jude Petersen: cute photo!!!!!! ……….eye cream for wrinkles??????? who is that for????? YOU certainly do NOT need any of that stuff!!!!!! luv ya.

    Marilyn Frandsen: great picture

    Sally Rutz went to “thought collage”, AWESOME! Congratulations to you and your family for BEING family!

    Brenda Massey: YOU are one very blessed woman !

    Shellie Sannon Jeanie and Dave, what a wonderful family!!! Lots of love, prayer and hard work goes into creating such wonderul people. I can tell you’ve done lots of all three!!!

    Jessica Carter Those are AWESOME!!! Love all of you guys sooo much!

  4. LOL Yes Jeanie that was funny! It was also touching! Your kids are all so talented and they seem like minded!
    I am very proud of you and Dave and all of the kids! (even though they have there own kids now). I feel like I know them even though I haven’t met most of them! The last time I saw Tara she was in diapers, and the last time I saw Rocky he was just a squirt himself! God has truly Bless you and for that I am so Grateful! May you have many more Mothers Days!
    Your old Uncle Loves You Gal! – – -db- – –

  5. Your family is the manifestation of all those really cool biblical promises! And Hunter doesn’t have a chance… he’ll be leading Praise & Worship in a few short years!

    1. Aw, thanks, Amy. Gues what?? Hunter is leading his first worship song at the pre-school graduation THIS Wednesday! He is doing “You’re Powerful,” a Skillet song.

  6. I don’t know if i can read your blogs anymore, i miss you guys so much i always end up crying……you are one of my favorite families ever invented….. i can’t stand being away from you….. i miss you soooo much! Happy mothers day….. you will always be a mom to me. love always, in Christ, -dAnA-

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