Happy-Happy-Happy, Gemma May!



Gemma with her 1982 collector’s doll that her fabulous grandparents (us!!) found at a garage sale last week!!) and with Sandy-the-family-dog, who is way less shaggy now, but is still, in fact, actually “Sandy!”

 The sun will come out tomorrow

Bet your bottom dollar that tomorrow ~ there’ll be sun!

Gemma wanted an ANNIE! Party

She LOVES Dora, too but Annie won out.  She plans to play Annie onstage someday and is hoping Poppa will reprise his role as Daddy Warbucks.  She is learning all the words to all the songs and does interpretive dance to the soundtrack.  And she has naturally curly red hair.  Could it be anymore perfect?


Gemma/Annie with her daddy and with her mommy.

Even though Gemma’s mommy and Aunt Stormie were getting ready to fly to New York, we found a little time to gather and bat around red balloons, eat lots of good food including fruit skewers the grandbebes made.  There was a wrapping-paper-wad war instigated by Rocky and a silly-string attack which paid him back.  The birthday girl’s mommy made her an Annie red dress and curled her hair up tight.  The little were girls trying on all of Gemma’s new shoes and gardening boots, and of course, there were bubbles.


Just thinkin’ about tomorrow

Clears away the cobwebs and the sorrow ’til there’s none



Gemma stayed in character pretty much the whole party!

Poppa sang “Something was Missing” from Annie-the-musical to Gemma and they danced together.  Gemma performed several numbers herself, especially shining on “It’s a Hard-Knock Life” with her old-time bucket. 

Gemma is three.  And she is sweet.  And she is sunshine.  And she is joyful and has a very upbeat outlook on the future.  She smiles easily, she is kind and sweet and she gives big hugs and lots of kisses.  Always ready with a song, GemGem delights us all everytime we get together.  And she is the epitome of the classic Annie song, “Tomorrow.”  No matter what happens, “Aw, it’s OK,” you’ll hear GemGem say.

When I’m stuck with a day that’s gray and lonely

I just stick out my chin, and grin and say


Gemma wanted a strawberry cake.  Buttercream icing.

I love you Gemma-roo!  You’re Nonna’s sweet puddin’.  I love your face, I love your blue eyes, I love that curly red hair and I just LOVE YOU!  Oh, yes, I do! 

Happy Birthday, sweetie-pie.  You keep on singing, baby-girl, and dance and jump and twirl!  Ok?  Never ever stop dancing.  You were born to dance us into happy.  So go, twinkle-toes! 

Remember ~ I will love you for always.  I love you today and I’ll love you tomorrow.  You make the sun shine in my sky!

Love, Nonna!

Tomorrow, tomorrow, I love ya, tomorrow

You’re only a day away!

7 thoughts on “Happy-Happy-Happy, Gemma May!

  1. She is an excellant Annie! I’m surprised she didn’t want to act out the entire show with Dave!

  2. I totally think she would have. BTW: hello to her OTHER F A B U L O U S grandparents in Indiana!

  3. As I read your blog, I got a glimpse of God’s love and delight in us. His love must be like a grandparent’s love.

  4. Happy Birthday, Gemma-loo! You truly are sunshine! I was amazed at your gracefulness and willingness to be the star! You don’t shy away from it but it accept it with grace as though that’s what you were born for. You are a wonderful little girl that is truly delightful. That word encompasses you. As the shirt says that I got for you, that reminded me so much of you….Shine, Shine, Shine! I love you, sweet niece.

  5. You know what’s sad? I’ll tell you what’s sad. When other people’s kid’s/grandkid’s growing up makes you feel old. The receding hairline doesn’t help either. Sounds like you guys had a good time and I’m glad to hear that. You guys rock. Laters

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