Well worth it.

I spent $7.99 for a tropical houseplant the fall of 2002, October, I believe.  It sorely needs re-potting.   It just insists in gargantuating constantly.  {I believe I just made up a new word}

Friday afternoon I lopped off 3 big meandering “branches” and threw them on top of the trash.

Saturday morning I came down to the kitchen and was greeted by a

“What the heck gives?  We still have plenty of life left in us.”

And it is true.  Every few months, I  trim that plant up and then vase the trimmings and get a week or three of pretty, big green leaves.  Still, I was surprised they seemed to have suffered no major damage, tossed aside as they were.  I plopped them into a large apothecary.  Today I am very happy with my reasonable decision to keep them for as long as they wish to be here, in spite of my initial laziness.

Though houseplants in general give me the heebie-geebies, this one continues to romance me with liveliness and spontaneity.  $7.99 well spent.


2 thoughts on “Well worth it.

  1. If you ever feel like lopping off more branches, I’d love to try having one gargantuate at my house! I love their big leaves, and methinks they might do well at my place because of them!

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