This is for all my multi-tasking, entrepreneurial, mommies-wives-friends-and-all-around-amazing-young-women friends and daughters.

I love late night Frazier reruns.

He gets a call.  It is a young mom and wife and you can hear the kids crying and yelling and the dog barking and she is breathlessly trying to express her frustration at the lack of time she and her husband are able to find for romance.  She pleads for advice on how they can find time for sex again and even says she is getting so desperate she may have to find a stranger at the store.

The doctor is in.

Frazier’s {very good} advice:

Sex with a stranger is not the answer.

Why don’t you just pack the kids off with Nanna and Pop-Pop.

Lock Lucky downstairs in the basement.

Grab your husband – take him to the sturdiest kitchen table you have.

And. let. the. postman ring twice.

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