Under Siege in the Garden


Aphids. Hundreds, thousands…maybe millions (naturally I would not exaggerate about something as important as this).

So aggravating.

I went out to harvest a large bunch of the greenest kale leaves for stir-frying with garlic. Sounded like a great breakfast. But, what is this? Some powdery weirdness that…what? Is it moving?

Yes. the underside of the kale – the whole big plant, covered in aphids and their eggy-spawn.

aphid infestation

This is a stock image. My infestation was worse, of course! ;)

I had to destroy that plant and some of the spinach, too.

But not worry.

Little does the poor, unsuspecting state legislator sitting near Dave at the downtown government building cafeteria know that just inches away, in a little brown bag, are 1000 Ninja-Ladybugs. They are on their way to my garden to feast on aphids. ¬†From Paulino’s.

ladybug eats aphid oh yes!

Let the games begin!

2 thoughts on “Under Siege in the Garden

  1. Yes I had training for a few hours that day and couldn’t leave them in the car because of the heat. The. When I returned to work they also had to come in with me. Take a bug to work day. They were very quiet and didn’t disrupt the State of Colorado

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