An Accidental Sabbatical

…what a great title, huh? Or should it be The Accidental Sabbatical?

Though quite unplanned, it seems I just took a seventh-month blog Sabbath. July just…nothing. It is just not nearly as exotic or intriguing as I think my fabulous title, An Accidental Sabbath, is. :)

I did not plan it. But the summer has been different than I thought it would be. And my garden needs love and I am limping from an Achilles tendon injury and I ran away to the mountains and I have read more than usual and I’ve done many art projects and slumber parties with the grandbebes. And even though I didn’t plan to not be blogging and have been dying to write, I just could not get here.

And this silly post is merely to say, I’m home. And I feel like writing. But while I’ll probably post maniacally for a bit, the actual writing part may take me some time. I’ll have to find my groove.


Thanks to Cheri from Fort Wayne, IN who checked to see (via my daughter, Stephanie) if I was ok because I hadn’t been posting (I got a phone call in the mountains and it made me cry). And to Donna, from Cookeville, TN who gently, but consistently checks for and encourages me to post. If I ever disappear mysteriously, it’s nice to know that they will notice. :)

Now the question:

As Jane Austen wrote, “Which of all my important nothings shall I tell you first?

jane austen quote


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