Innocently channel-surfing last night, I came upon a Bluegrass-ish sounding group singing a song so parallel to the current cry of my heart, I was just arrested in awe.  I think perhaps I have reached the “Ecclesiastes-time” of my life, a time where you are realizing so much has just been pointless and “vanity, all vanity.”

Yet, hope is renewed when I realize that in the middle of it all, despite all the water that has gone under the bridge, the love of the Father has remained.  He is faithful.  He holds my life, still.  And lest I come across too melancholy, please know that I am full of gratefulness for the life I have.  I am blessed beyond what I deserve.  I am surrounded by good friends and sweet family.  I am loved even when I am not very loving.  I have food on the table, shelter and clothes to wear.  I am getting some wisdom in my old age. And I am only halfway through!  Yea!!

This is the song I am singing today (though my taste these days runs a different direction, this has the familiar sound of my childhood, Gospel-music upbringing)~

People change and seasons end 
Dreams scatter in the wind
But You are my constant friend
And Your love like an umbrella covers me
Lightening flashes all around
Tears wash away the ground
But still, I am safe and sound…


You and me?  We’re engraved in His hand, written on His heart, watched over and comforted.  Be blessed in knowing that…Jeanie

NOTE TO MY FRIENDS:  The song, “Umbrella” is by The Isaacs, a family group.  I LOVE the internet.  You can find anything! Watch and hear the song here:

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