Oh, the Places You’ll Go…

We decided that on route to my parent's 50th Wedding Anniversary Celebration, the whole bunch of us (Dave and I and all 5 grown kids and spouses and grandchildren) would zip up to Norfolk, NE where we once pastored (lived there for 7+ years) to look at old schools and houses and reminesce a little.  Our plans included hoping to get together with old friends and eat at our dearly-loved Valentinos Italian Buffet on Johnny Carson Avenue.

Peter and Lauren Bierer from Mankato, MN met us there (the Bierers lived there when we did), though the rest of the family wasn't able to make it.  Peter and Lauren brought along their 3D ultrasound pictures (baby due in November!) and that baby, whether and girl or boy is yet unknown, is a Bierer through and through!

Plans and any "extra time" we thought we may have had were abruptly put on hold when, as 2 year-old Guini was laying on the motel room floor singing "Oh, no, You never let go" and reading her Gideon-placed Bible with extreme intensity, an accidental fall off the bed by big brother resulted in a broken left arm (both bones broke, see x-ray if you're not too squeamish).  The whole bunch of us went in to wait mode while the experts at Faith Medical tended to our little injured princess.



Some of us were able to venture to the mall to eat lunch before heading back to the hospital (I don't think they'd ever seen such a large group of people in their waiting room for one little girl) and ended up running in to old friends, The Meikle Family: Ken and Linda, their daughters Lori and Aleisha, along with Lori's boyfriend, Aleisha's husband and 2 kids and the baby on the way.  It was nice to catch up with them and see that the girls we knew have grown into such beautiful young women. Linda's ministry made a great impact on my children's lives.  Stormie was Lori's flower girl about 17 years ago or so (see photos, now and then). 




I hate that I didn't get a picture of Carla Schaffer who also happened by the food court in the mall.  Carla is an amazing woman whose prayer support and friendship is a great  memory of our time in Norfolk.  She raised a great looking bunch of 4 boys and is a grandma now, too.  How is that possible?

Unfortunately, though we bumped in to several old friends and acquaintances, we didn't get to see everyone we wanted to in Norfolk.  The kids got to see their old school: Northern Hills Elementary (see photo; left to right: Stormie, Tara, Rocky, Stephanie, Peter Bierer, Tredessa), and we drove by our 1880's Victorian home (we once won the city Christmas lighting contest) and got a glimpse of the tree under which our dog Lady was buried so many years ago.  


But it was a fun little jaunt there anyway, in spite of poor Guini's injury. 


She, at least, got a lovely purple cast, which has been nicely autographed in silver metallic pen and Auntie Jovan picked out a matching stroller and doll, which Guini is now obsessed with and pushes everywhere she goes at all times.


We remember Norfolk from the chosen treasure of our hearts…Jeanie

NOTE TO SELF: Thank-You, Lord, for Your faithfulness, for the quick healing Guini is doing and for your mercies to our family throughout all the years. (The doctor's report is that she will get the cast off after only 4 weeks instead of 6 and it is doing well!)

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  1. Ah yes, the ole Victorian house… I remember it well, curved walls on the study, a staircase that didn't meet any safety requirements and was more like climbing a ladder to the second floor, refinished oak floors, a full attic that we intended for the master suite one day, crystal chandeliers throughout, Rocky's Ewok treehouse bed that I made out of  lightening destroyed tree limbs, and the Christmas lighting contest to end all Christmas lighting contests. Those of you who know me, know that I am Mister Christmas or maybe even Father Christmas or to some: Clark W. Griswold. And I have a few lights in my garage. I got a sweet deal at WalMart last year, but that is a story for another time… Well, the lighting thing didn't happen by chance. No, it has been nurtured over the past 26 years. I was touched by the Ghost of Christmas Exterior Lumination a great many years ago and even though I am not as daring as I used to be (not willing to break my neck so you can see my house from the space shuttle in orbit) I still enjoy a few twinkles in my yard. Well, that year in Norfolk, so many Christmas's ago, was stellar. I'll dig a picture out of the archives, we have a nice black and white that was in the Norfolk Daily News that year. And when you see the house, you'll understand. I hung off the eves of that 1800's Victorian House 35 feet in the air to string tiny twinkle lights for the enjoyment of all that passed by. (actually, one of the guys in our church had a cherry picker, if you don't know, don't ask; and that's what I used to string the lights. But it was still scary, I never did get some of them back down and a few weeks ago, I think some are still there) And we won, was it $75? I can't remember, but the picture in the paper with the words WINNER! across the top was thanks enough. It was great the night of the judging, our lawn covered in snow, we had Victorian representations of all of us in the family standing on the front lawn, it was a Winter Wonderland. When they came by to take the picture a few days later, all the snow had melted! (A rarity in Nebraska in the winter) So our Victorian people looked like they were standing on the beach in Maui! Oh, well…

  2. If I hadn't just recently rediscovered my most favoritest friend ever I would probably say I am never speaking to you again!  But since I haven't spoken to you in like 15 years I guess I will forgive you.  And you know what for!  But I can't believe you were so close and I didn't even 'sense' you were near! (I love the picture of the kids in front of NH!) 

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