Two Odd Easter Things

The network shows “The Ten Commandments” every Easter eve.  Why is that?

What does Charleton Heston playing Moses have to do with it?

And, we Christians serve a pretty much in-your-face ham for Easter.

Jesus set us free from the law of sin and death and we wish to celebrate by, well, no more Passover lamb, baby :: bring on the bacon!

What is this about, really??  Curious.

5 thoughts on “Two Odd Easter Things

  1. Sadly, the Easter ham began when the Catholic church was persecuting Jews and putting them to death. The Jews blended into society pretty well, but still kept kosher. If a person refused to eat the ham, you’d know they were jewish and could act accordingly.

  2. My grandbaby Bekki. who is quite precocious and I watched the 10 Commandments movie. She recognized many parts of it from the 700 Club Superbook DVD she has but she wondered where the robot and the little girl and boy were? Should have seen me trying to explain that. :)

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