I needed to come up with an anti-litter campaign.  I thought about something nice and deeply spiritual like, “The earth is the LORD’s and everything in it: so don’t litter, you Pharisees!”

But instead, I opted for this.

I gave Stormie my ideas and she made these.  They are on a matte finish 100-pound poster-paper.  So cute.  I fear they will be ripped from the port-a-pottie doors as memorabilia.  :)

I figured: Hey, we paid an arm and leg for these artists to come – may as well use their names!  Hope I don’t suffer legal repercussions.

2 thoughts on “Trashy

  1. Gerron & I were sitting here thinking of other campaign quotes you could use in the future. He started with “You can’t litter in Heaven, so don’t litter at Heavenfest!” Then with a semi-retro-feel, “Give a hoot, don’t litter.” Which inspired, “Give a hoot. Pick your $*** up before you leave!” (I’m dying!) But since we don’t talk like that, forget it! ;))))

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