Guinivere Eden is Seven

Happy Birthday, my little Guini-muggins!  You are 7!

Oh, Guinivere.  You were my very first grand-girl ever!  Can you even imagine how much happy-happy-happy that made me?  We already had the wonderful Gavin and the cutie-pie Hunter, but when we got you::wow-o-wow!  It was a day of joy!

Grandpa and I were up in the mountains at some meetings for our church.  We were waiting for you to be born, but you were just staying put!  Then, very late at night, just when we had gone to sleep, we got the phone call:  Stephanie and Tristan are having their baby girl!  We jumped out of bed as fast as we could and we zoooooooomed down the mountain to get to the hospital.

Not too much later, we got to see our brand-new, blond-fuzzy-headed Guini.  And how perfectly gorgeous you were!  And that day was one of the lightest, brightest most beautiful days I had ever seen and I know it was because you were born.  And Guini?  I am looking out the window and it is beautiful today, too – just for your 7th birthday.

Happy Birthday, my sweet, darling grandbebe.  Happy Birthday.

Here is a biblical blessing just for you kind of from Psalms 96.  Live your life for Jesus, Guini-kins.  He loves you and you were born to bring Him praise!  May you always be found making Him smile!!

Sing to the LORD, Guini!  Sing a brand new song today.  Tell everyone to sing with you!  You can even shout about how good God is everywhere you go!  Find the lost and hurting and tell them the good news, too!  Because God is just so great and He deserves to have you and me worship Him!  He does!!!

So let’s tell everyone how amazing He is and just invite people far and wide to join us in hanging out in His beautiful presence, in that glorious place of rest and sanctuary He has for us.

Sometimes, Guin-Guin, just even get down on your knees to worship Him.  You know what?  Even the trees and animals show their worship to God.  So let’s just live life doing that and o, how blessed we will be when He comes again.

Rejoice!  Be glad.  Praise Jesus!!!

I LOVE you, my Guini!

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