This woman.

My mamala.

mamala and me

She has been teaching me about childlike faith and following Jesus for 54 years,  6 weeks and 4 days.  Each time I get to see her,  I learn more about loving life and finding joy in the beauty around us.   Whether it’s a clear blue sky, a Cocker Spaniel’s floppy ears, hedgeballs (the woman can get some distance on those things, “bowling” them across the yard) or falling leaves ~ all of life is to be treasured, enjoyed and celebrated.

norma moslander with blake, her 11th great grandchild

This was the day mom met Blake , Elise-the-Niece’s baby boy, and my mom’s 11th great-grandchild.  they were fast friends.

To my mom, there is nothing that isn’t just {{wow-isn’t that wonderful!}} stunningly, marvelously, unbelievably fascinating.  She has 75 years and counting to back it up (even though, people, even though the beginnings were hard, tragic, even, the middle was challenging and the things she faces these days are heavy on the heart)!  Still, she can give you a million reasons to stay the course because God will be faithful.

I drink them up, all her reasons.  I soak her in.

Is it any wonder I still want to be just like my mom when I grow up?

4 thoughts on “This woman.

  1. She really does see the joy in EVERYTHING! I’d like to think I get just a pinch of that from her :) And I LOVE that she loved Blake. I need a copy of that photo! Love you!

  2. I know. This woman. — I know. Who is thrilled to take the dog to “walk the [yard]line” just so she can see HIM get a thrill? AND come back with a big handful of pretty fall leaves, of which she has already collected many – but these, today, were so beautiful she just couldn’t resist? Who takes at least 100 shots of every view of the yard, the flag, the sky around her because it is beautiful again to her the next time she goes out the door? I wish that I would take time to enjoy God’s handiwork like she does. Like you said, maybe when we grow up. :) Yes, Dave, a picture of Jesus. So much love.

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