So Much Thanksgiving Food, So Little Fridge Space

Here is how I have decided to see the cooking and food consumption for Thanksgiving Day:

Cook one day, eat 7.  Yes, seven!  You know – like those blogs and cooking shows teach?  You can cook big one day and prepare lots of meals ahead?  Well, break out the Tupperware, my friends.  Let’s just admit that three major meat offerings (turkey, Texas brisket and a spiral ham) plus dumplings and mashed potatoes and gravy and 37 other sides, not to mntion a half dozen desserts and asssorted appetizers = this is what you’e going to be eating for a period of {safe, of course} time.

tredessas wedding

This was actually part of the dessert buffet at Dessa’s wedding two days after Thanksgiving 2011, ahh…good times

Prepare for it, Dave.  It’s all leftovers until December 5…or so.

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