This Cake is LOST! on Me

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Stormie designed it, I baked it.  Stormie cut the shapes, I iced, filled and decorated the big one in the middle (roughly 12" x 12"), a white cake with cherry filling.  I iced the little ones, swiss chocolate, but freaked out when I discovered that each one had its own design.  So Stormie did those.  This apparently represents some kind of Dharma Initiative symbol-thingy-something-or-another from the TV show, LOST! , which I obviously, unlike others in my family, do not follow. Whatever.  Stormie also painted Dave an apron to match.

The cake was a fun idea, but we only went through 2 of the small chocolate cakes and about a fourth of the big cake.  Now what?????

crosses-1.JPG          crosses-2.JPG

Then we have the mini-crosses I did for the kids for Easter.  Years ago, I was involved in making giant ones with Three Muskateers for an annual Ladies Ministries fundraiser.  Crazy days!  Now-I just made a few, but they were very small, made with the new mint-flavored Three Muskateers which are teeny-tiny.

This last cake was my dad's birthday cake, a 3-layer white cake with buttercream filling as he requested, topped with cherry pie filling.  Rocky kept eating the cherries before we served it, confident the red sauce would create a diversion.  It was the easiest cake we have ever done.


Who in the world needs this much sugar and flour in their lives?…Jeanie

NOTE TO SELF: Time to start using foam for creating elaborate cakes we will never eat.

9 thoughts on “This Cake is LOST! on Me

  1. By far my favorite cake yet!  The Lost one…is amazing.  I am very happy with the way it turned out.  Obviously it could look better, but we did it quickly and it was delicious!

  2. The Lost cake did come out smashingly and was very tasty.  If I wasn't trying to shed a few pounds, I would have taken home A LOT of it!  Yum yum!

  3. Unfortunately, I am also trying to lose a few lbs and this cake DID NOT help me!!  I took home one of the small chocolate cakes and a pretty large hunk of the main white cake.  I can't stop nibbling at it – it is so good!

  4. Stormie told me at our Thurs. night rehearsal that you guys were up to something for Dave's birthday – but no amount of pleading made her cough up what you were up to!  How fun now to see the pics. You guys always amaze me with your creativity!  :-)   Sounds like a good time was had by all.   What a nice added bonus that Dave got to celebrate his birthday Easter Sunday! 

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