The war on wasps

Quizzing Tredessa, before she meanders into my garden with a can of wasp killer, I ask,

“Do you know the difference between wasps and bees?”

Her quick answer: “One has a bad attitude.”

Hahhahaha.  She is correct.  Wasps have terrible, mean-spirited attitudes.  They attack without provocation, like to eat meat red meat (including the poor gardener trying to do good work) and also sting bees!  They stink!

Don’t kill bees.  Bees are good, industrious, team players, really.  They truly, really will not attack you if you just let them live their lives.  I can work in a pot of flowers alongside them and we chat all-neighborly-like without any fear of stinging.  In fact, a good honey bee will get what he needs, bid adieu and come back later to join you, using you as a landmark to find the “good stuff.”  Bees are wonderful.


Wasps are not.  Booooooooo.

Because I grow a lot of desirable flowers and sweet stuff, the wasps like to roost here.  I have driven out some major nest-attempts in at least four of their usual city-building areas in my yard.  So, I don’t even think they have hives on my property anymore.  But they fly over the fence from neighbors yards (those neighbors that are never in their yards and have allowed a wasp-stronghold to be built, tsk).

Evil and mean.  Bully.

But I have declared this year to be the year of the war on wasps.  Because they are so aggressive and dangerous, because they drive away the desired bees, because my grandbebes need a safe place to play – all these reasons are why I walk around with a garden hose in one hand and a can of wasp-killing-spray in the other.

Don’t mess with me.  I am armed!

4 thoughts on “The war on wasps

  1. Paul and Bekki converse with a bee named Buzzy. He is quite friendly. I had an Uncle who was a bee keeper. He said that if you didn’t show fear a bee wouldn’t bother you. I have been practicing this for years and it really works.

  2. It is true, Donna. Bees and I are on the same wavelength. Totally work in harmony. But it has been distressing to see wasps actually attacking them and there are less and less bees in my yard. No bueno!

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