Summer Bells

If you are in the garden on a very warm summer morning, watering the squares and pots to prepare them for a blazing-hot day, with only the slightest of breezes, at 8 o’clock sharp, you will hear the church bells.   And they play on for several minutes.

I probably live at least 3 or 4 miles from the church that shares them.  And I was surprised this morning again (every year I am surprised, that churches still do that).  I am pleased that neighborhood associations haven’t stopped it.  And I join in on the praise they are meant to raise to heaven.

The sun was bright-so-bright this morning.  A wasp I tried to spray zoomed right into me in an apparent attack mode, but I did not get stung (I am heavily involved daily in the war on wasps).  But I listened.

And here are the sounds that filled me with total wonder today.

Singing birds.  Different songs, all beautiful.

The slight roar in my ears when a breeze is about to move leaves.

The fluttering leaves.  Yes, I heard them.  You have to pay attention, but you can.

My dog’s satisfied yeow as she wallers in the grass to scratch her own back (poor, neglected baby).

The pool water pump, steady and rhythmic, cleaning the water and re-delivering.  Any sort of water movement is wondrous.

Thus I also enjoyed the sound of my neighbor’s sprinkler system.  She unknowingly waters some of my borders and that is an added bonus.

Then the bells.  The church bells.  The grand finale to the morning’s garden song.

Thank-You, Father for the sounds, for the birds and bees and fluttering leaves.  Thank-you for the sounds of life and flowing water and  church bells on a summer day.  Hope I can add some goodness and sweet sounds into the atmosphere today….

Today’s wildfires in Colorado:  Pray for rain.

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