The Simple Centerpiece

Cast Party tonight!

Needed something that would not get in the way of lots of good food with a few dozen people (those who acted/sang/danced/built and created the “Merry Gentlemen” production last weekend) milling around (and maybe dancing).

Enter a tray and 5 candlesticks I had on hand.  Plus a roll of the $1 foil wrap from Target.  And a small bag of old-fashioned tinsel.  And one partridge.  For my pear tree, don’t ya know?

paper cone trees over candlesticks

Just rolled some paper cones and finished with a piece of Scotch tape.  Place them over the candlesticks and voila.  Quick, simple, reasonable and plenty of room for EATING!

PLUS?  17 days until Christmas!  Merry one, everybody!

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