The one I miss

Text abbreviations, initialisms, good-old-fashioned acronyms and your basic internet slang is a “language” growing by leaps and bounds.  Net Lingo boasts having the longest list of cyber abbreviations {{HERE}}.

While I much prefer fully written words, the 140-character limit Twitter has imposed does cause, even me, a total word lover, to use the occasional j/k or btw, and of course, I freely distribute xxx & ooos.

But the abbreviation I miss most?  The one that is so much more than a mindless acronym because you can actually physically give and receive it, the one you can really share? ~ ~ ~ ~

SWAK //  Sealed with a kiss.

sealed with a kiss

Lip-prints are optional.  But you can write a letter, send it through the old-fashioned USPS in the mail with a stamp and you can actually seal it with a kiss (or as some jaded individuals have said SWALCAKDS, sealed-with-a-lick-cuz-a-kiss-don’t-stick, ick) and the receiver can get it and kiss the envelope, too.

There!  A shared kiss.

It’s the one I miss since no one sends letters anymore.

Meanwhile, I’ll be @*$ keeping up on everybody’s #posts & #txts, ROFL & responding IMHO with YOLO-type wisdom & IDN, HAGD, if that’s COO w/u. XOXO

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