In the Pepper Patch with Averi

The sweet, little Averi-kins came by the other night.  She was delighted at all the colorful peppers, so we snapped this shot.

averi in the pepper patch

What a wild kingdom!  If you look closely you can see at least 4 varieties of peppers, maybe 5.  There are tomatillas and beefsteak tomatoes in the background and even a bunch of those blasted garlic chives.  A few young green beans leaves are waving in the bottom left corner.  Hello, world, say the bean leaves.

Then we meandered over by the sunflower hill, where Averi-J watered for me.

averi and the sunflowers

A quick jump on the trampoline as the golden sun was settling over the Rocky Mountains and then inside to eat juicy peaches.

033 035

Her mommy said, when Averi and I were cuddling, “There you two are with your cute matching feet.”

“Aw, we have matching feet, Averi,” I told her as we both stretched our feet out in front of us side-by-side to compare.

“Yes,” she affirmed, “but mine don’t have any wrinkles.”

How astute.  :)

Averi starts Kindergarten tomorrow.

But I still remember when she was this little ball of love.

averi and her peppers 2008

She’s always been my little spicy chile pepper.  LOVE her!

auhust 2008

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